My Fees

I charge £250 for a straightforward Will. This typically includes:

• the appointment of Executors (and Guardians if necessary);
• dealing with your house (or share in it), if necessary setting up a simple trust for your surviving spouse or partner and children;
• gifts of personal belongings, specific items and sums of money to named individuals;
• a gift of the residue of your estate;
• provision for substitute beneficiaries.

I can also include some more personal clauses, for example directions for your funeral and even provision for the care of pets.

Your personal and/or financial circumstances may demand a more complex Will. This will be likely if, for example:

• additional trusts need to be included, to provide a life interest in your share of the house to your spouse or civil partner, for example, or to set up a trust for dependants after your death;
• you own a business and wish to make arrangements for how it should be run;
• there are family members who may make a claim on your estate after your death.

If you need a more complex will I will provide an exact quote after our initial consultation. My total fee is unlikely to exceed £500.

No VAT is payable.